Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life Lists

I came across Jill Smolinski's site the other day and really got into the life list idea. Jill is the author of the novels Flip-Flopped and The Next Thing on My List. Wonderful books! Check out todayslifelist where she blogs about the challenge she gave herself to try one new, fun or challenging thing every day. It's inspired me to slow down and enjoy things more in my own life.

For instance, my youngest son needed yarn for a weaving project in art class by the end of last week, so we went to Wal-Mart Thursday evening. While we were there, we passed by the hula hoops. I couldn't resist grabbing one and trying it out. That got my son into the action and there we both were hula hooping in the aisle. It was just goofy and fun. He did way better than I did, although I don't see how a skinny eight year old could out hula these 'mom hips'. Maybe it has more to do with movement than size.

I didn't intend to try anything new, fun or challenging at Wal-Mart but the hula hoops just called to me. It was a seize the moment kind of thing and I think that's okay, too. I should have more of those moments.

I talked to my best friend Friday night, recommended Jill's books to her and told her that I started my own life list. She said, "You should put on there 'get married and have kids'". "I've already done that." She says that's the idea. To put down something you've already done so you can cross it off. Cheater! I told her it was fine to write down something you could do right away and cross it off, but not something you've already done. At least that's the way I'm going about it.

As for my life list, here it is:
1. Go skiing in Colorado
2. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
3. Go skinnydipping
4. Have a picnic in a park
5. Take a painting class
6. Donate to charity
7. Write steamy novels
8. Plant flowers
9. Visit New York
10. Go ice skating
11. Take salsa lessons
12. Take horseback riding lessons
13. Lose 20 pounds
14. Adopt a pet
15. Run/walk a 5K
16. Have my picture taken in a field of bluebonnets
17. Have tasteful boudoir photographs taken
18. Take a hot air balloon ride
19. Learn sign language
20. Take a stained glass class

What are some things you've always wanted to do but haven't done?



Love your list!! & the hula hoop story was great! (a friend actually mentioned hula hooping as something I should try).

Colorfulpen said...

Try it!