Friday, July 13, 2007

Continuing to Sweat

Day 6

I got about 200 more words done yesterday on Last Call, but was too tired to update the blog last night. Yes, I'm behind and it's too early to be struggling, but I am. The beginning seems to be working, but something keeps stopping me. Something = me, undoubtedly. Of course, it's the 'bad guy' that's throwing me off, too. I guess that's his job, although he should be easy to write. Also, if I'd just get the words down instead of worrying it to death at this point, maybe I'd get somewhere. Other parts have worked themselves out and I've written some scenes out of order. At least that keeps me moving.

Also, before the Seventy Days challenge, I was working on a short story, but had set it aside to focus on this. That one keeps calling me back, so maybe it really wants to be written, too. And maybe while working through it, something will come to me for the other one. Short story,'s still pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. My mind in the right place.

Tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday. 14! Where does the time go? He doesn't want to do anything special, but I think we'll end up seeing Harry Potter and going out to eat. I already ordered him a cake this morning.

Back to writing!

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