Sunday, July 15, 2007

Progress Report

I already posted my progress report for today over at Alison's blog. So far, I have 3,607 words:

2332 - Last Call (novella)
203 - The Other Side (novella)
1072 - In Bloom (a short story, finished as of 7/13!)

The numbers are still low, but I made progress today on one of the novellas. As I worked, I could pinpoint the instant the self doubt and inner editor started to hit me, but I shoved it aside and just kept writing, let the words flow without worrying if it's perfect. If I can keep that up, I think I'll be all right.

I'm writing, starting the process of good habits by just opening Word and getting busy, and rewarding myself along the way. Who knew email and blogs could wait 'til I got my words down? The fun things--email, blogs, reading a good book--are just that much sweeter when I know I've accomplished what I needed to, first. Yes, they'll be there when I get to them. It's just a matter of putting a bigger priority on my writing, which I've done.

Just like with any other thing, if you stay away long enough, it gets harder to go back to it. The desire isn't there, the drive dwindles to nothing, excuses take the place of what you should be doing. It all stifles the creativity, and that's no good.

I plan to see this through, every high and low, to the very end--kicking, screaming, smiling, creating, and SWEATING!

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