Monday, July 16, 2007

Trying something new

This morning, the oldest had his well check up with his pediatrician. Afterward, we picked up the husband at work for lunch. The youngest has been asking to try sushi (don't ask me why because I have no idea--the kid will eat just about anything) so the husband asked me if I wanted to try this place called Blue Fish. A collective groan could be heard in the car from me and the oldest. While I wanted everyone to be happy, I'm not particularly a fan of Asian food. I thought, 'Okay, if this doesn't go well, I can just get me and the oldest a burger somewhere afterward.' Yeah, I'm so not adventurous when it comes to food. My parents used to drag me along with them when they'd do their weekly chinese thing and I'd always get the grilled cheese sandwich on the kids menu.

I totally surprised myself today by, first, even agreeing to try this place, and then actually liking it! A soup of some kind, almost like a broth with thin slices of mushroom came first. It was incredible. While we ate our soup, the youngest and his dad ate sushi. Since I had no clue what to get for a meal, the husband suggested something from the hibachi menu. The oldest and I decided on the chicken and shrimp with fried rice. Watching them prepare it all in front of you was an experience in itself. Even funnier was when the oldest leaned over to me when I was still eyeing my plate, and said, "Try the shrimp, it's good."

We're so much alike sometimes--trying something if the other one will.

P.S. I submitted my short story today. Fingers crossed!

Reading: Dirty Martini by J.A. Konrath
Listening to: Faster Pussycat
Last movie watched: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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