Saturday, August 25, 2007


*Warning: May contain light spoilers

There are few books that leave a big impression on me whether good or bad. I'm not talking about the kind that I come away from feeling like it was a pretty good book, or that it was just okay, or not so great. I'm talking a big impact. Characters that become so real to me I feel like I know them, fall in love with them. And if it's a series, following them for every book makes them that much more real.

I posted earlier this month about the wonderful opportunity I had to meet one of my favorite thriller authors, Karin Slaughter. Last night, I stayed up until 2am to finish Beyond Reach, the latest in her Grant County series featuring police chief Jeffrey Tolliver and his wife, Sara Linton, who is the coroner and pediatrician. At the signing in Houston, Karin had taken questions after her talk. One of the ladies in the audience raised her hand and said she didn't like the way the book ended. I, for one, was worried she'd start rattling off exactly why she didn't like it, and I didn't want to know. I was only two or three pages into the first chapter at that point. Anyway, it was kind of funny at the time because Karin told her they could talk about that later. Now, after finishing the book, I can really understand why the lady said that. Not that I didn't like the ending, but it was truly shocking and heart breaking. My heart still feels heavy even as I type now, like I've lost a family member, a close friend. When I set the book on the night table, and switched off the lamp, I curled up and cried until I gave myself a headache.

Then I kept thinking, what will be in store for the next book? Knowing the wonderful storyteller Karin is, I can't wait to find out! Karin rocks my world! Even if she did make me cry.

And in case you were looking for earlier works, here are some other books:

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*Outside the Grant County series

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