Friday, September 21, 2007

Final check in

I missed the final check in yesterday at Sven's, but posted today. I've been preoccupied with other issues, which is why I totally missed yesterday. Life set me back this past week. I know that sounds like an excuse, but it's true in a big way. Right now I'm taking it one day at a time-it's all any of us can do-and will continue to write as much as I can on the projects I've started. I look forward to the next round.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One more to go!

I checked in over at Sven's just now. No idea where I am as far as word count. I've been editing a little and just trying to finish up. Next week's check in-the last one!-will be on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Back to work.

Friday, September 14, 2007



I have a weekend of writing ahead of me. I've really been dragging the past two days. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to accomplish more than this blog.

I also finished reading In Bed With the Devil by Susan Mallery last night.

Earlier in the year, I read The Ultimate Millionaire by the same author. From what I remember of that particular book, it was okay.

I don't read a lot of Desire, but In Bed With the Devil called to me. Was it the title? The need to find out more about this dark, dangerous 'devil', man? Maybe it was seeing the author's name, and wanting to give her another try. I was glad I did.

Jack Howington III and Meredith Palmer have a history together. Though they've been apart for ten years, time and distance hasn't stopped the way Meredith feels about Jack. Jack feels it too. He just needs a little extra push. And a push is what he gets when he arrives at Hunter's Landing to find that his best friend's younger sister has grown into a beautiful woman. And she's got one thing in mind...

Good book. I liked the friendship and devotion to each other that Meredith's group of friends portrayed. Jack is a stubborn male, but Meredith, being the strong and independent woman she is, goes after what she wants. Some things are just worth fighting for.

In Bed With the Devil wraps up the Millionaire of the Month series. Somehow I missed the previous books, but plan to check them out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

One Week Left!

The Sweat70 challenge is in its last week. I have about 11K more to go to finish my first novella. I'm excited, worried, doubtful, stressed - all those things that go with the territory. For the challenge, my goal was to complete two 30K novellas. I won't be finishing the second one this time around, but will be happy with completing my main WIP. Hopefully, the second round of Sweating will see me working steadily on other projects I have in mind.

Some quotes from the challenge that I've found helpful:

Stephen King-
"Sometimes you have to go on when you don't feel like it, and sometimes you're doing good work when it feels like all you're managing is to shovel shit from a sitting position."

Dr. Seuss-
"Everything stinks till it's finished."

John Steinbeck-
"When I face the desolate impossibility of writing five hundred pages a sick sense of failure falls on me and I know I can never do it. This happens every time. Then gradually I write one page and then another. One day's work is all I can permit myself to contemplate and I eliminate the possibility of ever finishing."

Jack London-
"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

Barbara Kingsolver-
"There is no perfect time to write. There's only now."

Roberta Gellis-
"Dreaming and hoping won't produce a piece of work; only writing, rewriting and rewriting (if necessary)-a devoted translation of thoughts and dreams into words on paper-will result in a story."

And this I found in the WD forums the other day:
"Life's too short to screw around with games and missed opportunities."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sweat Check-in

1,925 words since last check in. It's not a lot, but I've been moving at a steadier pace, albeit slowly. I think I finally figured out what works for me. Took long enough, huh? Better late than never. I've made some daily goals, and smaller goals within them, so that I'm always pushing myself, always focused on where I need to be. Total for the challenge so far: 21,227. I wanted to be done already with my novella, but I think another week should do it. As long as I can keep up the same routine. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

TV & Books

I was pleased that I finished a mini goal yesterday (will be more pleased when I actually finish this novella), and treated myself to a night in front of the TV.

I also finished the book I've been reading. Whose Number Is Up, Anyway? by Stevi Mittman. It's a Harlequin Next novel, and I'm beginning to really like those. This is probably the second or third one I've read. They're light and funny and just a joy to read. The covers are eye-catching, which is one of the reasons I picked up this book. Covers do it for me sometimes. The back cover sounded good, too, and that's always a plus.

It starts with Teddi Bayer (don't you love that name?), interior decorator, discovering a corpse in a supermarket deep freeze. Drew Scoones, detective on the case, tries to keep Teddi from sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, and possibly being the next victim. It seems murder follows her everywhere she goes, and so does the detective.

I love their relationship. Teddi is a strong, independent single mom with three kids. Her knack for interior design and trying to solve murders at the same time gets her into trouble, and into the arms of Drew.

The weaving of romance and mystery is perfect. There were a lot of twists and turns and laughs. I can't wait to read more from this author.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ideas - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
This is the fortune I got in a fortune cookie today. I like it. Not that I've forgotten, but it reminds me that I need to get busy on some certain writing if I hope to finish in time.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sweating into September

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, where does the time go? We're half way into the first week of September, and only 20 more days until the end of the Sweat70 challenge. Ahhh! I've been writing every day this week, but the numbers remain low. 217 words since Sunday. Monday morning I woke up with a runny/stuffy nose and a sore throat. Blah! Stupid allergies. The good thing is they haven't gotten me completely down, so I continue to plow through my wip, or pick at it anyway. 19,410 total for the challenge.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Almost there


I finally reached my goal of 15,000 (15,007) on Last Call. A few weeks behind, but I'm getting there. I realized while I wrote tonight that the problems I have usually surface when I give in to the doubts, and not even open the document. Duh! Several things presented themselves that I hadn't seen before. Yay!

Sunday Sweatin'

It would seem my excitement over the Sweat70 challenge has worn off, and I'm left with not much more than frustration. Doubt. A stalled story. Isn't that just fun? I honestly think it was the whole back to school transition that's thrown me off track, because even though I have the day all to myself now, it's almost as if the peace and quiet is so welcome that I don't want to do anything. Including write. As if having to fight against everyone and everything to have a few moments makes the writing come easier. Why is this? Am I the only one that seems to thrive on chaos?

And maybe it's none of those things, but rather me looking for yet another reason to procrastinate (*cringes*). There's a word I'm beginning to dislike: procrastinate. I dislike it so much that I don't want to be the Queen of it anymore. It's almost as bad as writer's block. If you're writing, doing what you set out to do, these things wouldn't exist.

Today's plan? Write past my insecurities even if all that's coming off the keyboard is crap. Even if those characters aren't cooperating.

I've only written 607 words since Wednesday. Working on more today. Total: 18,858

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fun stuff

I saw this at Alison's blog today and decided to Simpsonize myself. Fun! Try it.

Okay, back to work.

Happy Labor Day!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

Saw a lot of boats on the road today; people taking advantage of the long weekend-summer's last fling, as I've seen it referred to before-to fish or just hang out on the lake. Me, I had a lot of errands to run this morning and also couldn't wait to make today's post about my favorite books I read this summer.

For the eharlequin 10,000 book challenge, I've read 11 books so far since January. Not as many as I'd like, and I buy them faster than I can read them, but I'm trying. This summer, I read five books. I wanted to make this a Top Ten of books read this summer, but since I only read five, I'm picking the top three of those, and they are:

Dirty Martini by J.A. Konrath
Shadow Hawk by Jill Shalvis
Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter and J.A. Konrath have been favorites of mine for some time. I can't say enough good things about their work. Jill Shalvis was a new find for me this summer, and I always love discovering a new voice. Actually, I'd read one of her books (a Temptation) years ago, and for some reason didn't read any of her other books 'til this summer. This was kind of a re-discovery, and that's always fun, too. I liked Shadow Hawk so much, I checked out her back list and plan to buy several of those. I'm also looking forward to her upcoming releases.

What books did you read this summer? Did a favorite author have a new book out, or did you discover someone new?