Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1st Check-in

These last few days have flown by! I didn't feel ready to check in with Sven today, as I had little to report, but once I did I felt better and managed some more writing after that. It's the accountability thing that I love so much.

Most of my actual words got written earlier today and this evening. Monday and Tuesday were spent getting my head back in a short story that I'd written awhile back. I've always liked the story but felt I could expand it and make it even better. It was previously 959 words and I've cut and added some, fixed some problems that were already there. Total will end up at 5,000 words at least. I'm looking at a goal of around 1,000 words a day.


I bought two new books today. My treat and a little inspiration. The books are, A Very Merry Christmas and Servant: The Awakening.

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