Sunday, December 30, 2007

BFS Challenge

I think I did this last year, but never accomplished any of the goals (whatever those goals were since I can't find that list). At any rate, I'm participating again in the Big, Fun, Scary Challenge that Nanowrimo is doing.

My BFS goal list for 2008:

*Finish various writing projects (one novel, two novellas, book of poetry) and submit them. Continue to write more.
*Read more often to narrow down my TBR pile.
*See Brooks & Dunn in concert (and hopefully meet them)
*Visit New York and Tennessee
*Run/walk a 5K
*Donate to charity
*Go skiing in Colorado
*Take a painting class
*Go ice skating
*Take horseback riding lessons

Some of these are the same as my life list, but a few new ones, too.

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