Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

In Pictures

The other night, I went outside to take a picture of the Christmas lights...

And saw this in the yard...

Became fascinated with the moon and fast moving clouds last night...

And tonight we have ice on the sidewalk...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Saturday, December 13, 2008


As in, the wind is wicked today.

Here's a bag that got caught in our tree earlier.

Before I looked out the window, the leaves blowing down the street sounded like sleet hitting the house. No sleet. No rain of any kind. Just the wind whipping everything around. As soon as Christmas is over, we can go right back to being warm again. I hate the cold.

Catching Up

I'd been sitting on my last few reviews for weeks. No real reason other than I do really well at putting things off. But I got them done and put them up at the eharlequin site where I've participated in their 100,000 book challenge for the past two years. Last year, I read 17 books. This year, 24. And I've just started reading Twilight which should take me into the new year.

I also went back through all my reviews and compiled a Top 10 favorites of 2008.

1. Stalked by Brian Freeman
2. Fractured by Karin Slaughter
3. The Adventures of Slim & Howdy by Brooks and Dunn
4. Born Country by Randy Owen
5. Fuzzy Navel by J.A. Konrath
6. All the books in the firefighter series by Jill Shalvis
7. The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx
8. All three books in the Seduction Summer series (Nina Bruhns, Cindy Dees, Sheri Whitefeather
9. All three books in the Love at First Bite series by Kimerly Raye
10. Texas Princess by Jodi Thomas

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It's late and I'm exhausted, but wanted to post this pic I took of Randy Owen of Alabama while he was signing my copy of his latest book, Born Country, at Legacy Books in Plano tonight.

After waiting anxiously for weeks, and showing up an hour and a half early, I was a little disappointed that they weren't allowing pictures to be taken with Randy. At least I got this one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Thank You

I'm so far behind on my NaNoWriMo novel. But I have no one but myself to blame. You know procrastination has taken over when you're already making out Christmas cards to mail and we haven't even gotten Thanksgiving over with. That's what I did this morning instead of write. And while I was blog hopping--something else that I spend too much time doing--I decided to write my own list of things I'm thankful for.

Hot chocolate
A warm fireplace
My kids, their laughter and quick wit
Good music
Good books
Dr Pepper
My cats who curl up to take naps with me.
Long bubble baths

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Youngest was in his first school play tonight. The play was Rapunzel, and he was one of the children who gathered around the storyteller. I'd seen one of the rehearsals the other day, and I have to say tonight went a whole lot smoother. They all did great.

Here he is going onto the stage.

He's behind and to the left of the storyteller here. He had some pretty funny lines that suited him perfectly.

Everybody taking a bow.

Friday, October 31, 2008


My trick-or-treater before we set out in search of candy galore.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Less than 12 hours until Nano starts. I'm no closer to knowing exactly what I'll be working on, but I'm excited. Also looking forward to trick-or-treating tonight.

Today is the last day for early voting, so I went and did that a while ago. The line was long, but moved fairly fast. Took longer to get through the line than it did to vote. Glad I did it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three More Days!

Until the start of NaNoWriMo. I got my 10th anniversary t-shirt the other day.
And I've managed to rack up enough pre-Nano projects to drive myself completely insane. I hope to finish them today.

I'm still undecided about what I'll write for NaNoWriMo, but discovering it along the way will be half the fun. My BFF is participating but of course my prodding didn't count. She wanted to have an "unofficial" challenge with me until the new dude she likes (who, I might add, is a Literature major from Oxford) said he wanted to sign up for Nano, too, and then she was all gung ho. Some friend, huh? At least I approve of him. The Literature major was what did it for me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book List

Last night I finished reading book 21 for this year's e-harlequin reading challenge. That's four more than I read last year.

I've already chosen the next book I'll read--about a sexy vampire cowboy. After that, I'll go to my newly devised plan of randomly picking titles from my TBR pile. I typed up those titles last night, cut them into strips of paper, and put them in a Halloween baggie. Fun stuff, but I'm thinking the plan will either prove successful in narrowing the pile down, or boring at the lack of spontaneity. Often times, I read what I'm in the mood for, or if a favorite author has a new book out everything else becomes secondary, so we'll see how this choosing random titles goes. Might be good, because I really do have some older ones that need to be read and moved out of here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My favorite!

The fall is my favorite time of year. Love Halloween, and the cooler weather. The other day I was at the bookstore looking for something new for the youngest to read, and wondered if it's just me or is there a new young adult vampire novel coming out all the time? Not complaining, just an observation. I happen to adore them all. I've noticed a lot lately, and maybe more so now that it's almost Halloween. I have the first two Twilight books to read for myself. And not new, but new to me, the Vampire Diaries looked interesting.

On the shelf with some of those novels was this black lace and heart journal that I couldn't pass up. You know me and my journal addiction.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've been a little preoccupied lately and haven't had time to write. If it's not kids and school stuff, it's something else.

The last three days I poured myself into two different non-writing projects. The first one was to add window film to the window over the back door. After that, I decided I wanted to do the window over the front door, too.

And, as if I wasn't sore enough from going up and down the ladder and having to cut that film (which, by the way, is a pain in the ass to cut right), I tackled painting the laundry room the next day, took two days to finish, and, uh, fell off the ladder one time which produced a nice, colorful bruise on my knee. My whole body hurts. But, hey, at least I didn't drop any paint.

Doing laundry is boring, so I wanted the room to be bright and cheerful. I painted it a bright yellow (the color is called lemon yellow) and stenciled yellow flowers over a shelf in there.

When I was almost done last night, the youngest came in and asked if he could help. I told him I was almost done. Then he told me that when he helped a neighbor friend who used to live across the street paint their laundry room, it only took them 20 minutes with rollers.

I said, "I've been painting for two days, and you're gonna tell me that now?" Ugh! Well, I had a roller and a brush. What I didn't have was help when it really mattered.

Here are before and after pictures of one of the windows, and the laundry room.

I was looking for a floral one, but was happy with the mosaic.

Awful clutter! And only one of those things is mine.

Much better. No?

Friday, August 15, 2008


So I was pulling out of the post office Wednesday, the youngest was with me, and he asked, "If you had a genie and could have only one wish, what would it be?"

I didn't hesitate when I answered, "To go to Tennessee, meet Kix Brooks and visit his winery."

There was a pause while his little brain thought that over and then he said, "That's it? No Coach purse?"

"Well, you said only one wish."

"Okay, if you had a thousand wishes, what would they be?"

"Number one, go to Tennessee to meet Kix Brooks and visit his winery. Be a bestselling author. And, okay, I'll take a Coach purse, too."

I have my priorities (and actually, it doesn't even have to be Coach. I was going through some weird phase where I thought I had to have one).

Anyway, speaking of Kix...GAC had a Cowboy Town special with Brooks and Dunn Wednesday night. Kix said something that caught my attention. Not that he didn't already have it, but he talked about songwriting. Basically, how hard it can be. Waiting for that inspiration, and going through the day hoping that somebody will say something and "it'll be that jewel..." There was more to it, but I was nodding my head the whole time because I understood. I'm not a songwriter, but I felt writing in general is pretty much the same way. Those moments when inspiration takes hold, or you can't wait to get a great idea down on paper, are like gold. And it is hard work, but worth it in the end. Those guys are inspiring.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning Pages

I've had the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for a long time, and, for some reason, decided to pick it back up and read some of it again the other night. I'd done the morning pages before but didn't stick with it. What a surprise! So, I decided to try them again. Hey, if it'll help get me where I need to be I'm willing to try. Thing is, I'm not sure they're helping. Sure, it's fun to sit there and write 3 pages of longhand stream of cosciousness kind of stuff because it doesn't really require a lot of thought on my part. But I still haven't done much of anything else lately except go back and forth with this one short story that's pretty much seen its death as of right now. And that's just it. I'm my own biggest problem. How many opportunities am I going to let get by?

Blah! It's weird to put that out there, but you know what, maybe it's good that I did because I need to see it. And I need to get my ass in gear and get busy writing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I found some nuggets of inspiration and motivation today that helped me get past some problems I've had lately. Not so much story problems, but just staying focused long enough to get anything written.

And I wanted to post this older poem I wrote on my myspace page, because it's exactly how I've been feeling and felt today when I finally just sat here and worked.


The thoughts come,
though obscurely
and sometimes not at all.
Lying dormant
until some spark,
or something deeper--
some force driven by a need
to fill the small places
of my imagination--
bleeds onto the page
and the words flow
like water to parched lips.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Fuzzy Navel
J.A. Konrath

Jack is probably the scariest book in the Jack Daniels series so far.

Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels and her partner are covering the case of vigilante snipers who off sex offenders when Jack gets a call regarding the death of one of the most dangerous people she's ever arrested. She's beyond relieved, but her relief is short-lived when she finds out that Alex Kork is in fact alive and well and holding two of Jack's loved ones hostage in the home Jack shares with her mother.

As if that isn't bad enough, the snipers manage to trail Jack to her home and are just as determined to kill the cop and her family as Alex is.

Taking place over eight hours, the writing is fast-paced, the plot tight. The characters are as fresh as the first Jack Daniels mystery, the dialogue sharp and funny.

Konrath's blend of fear and humor is a perfect concoction. Highly recommended.

The series in order: Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini and now Fuzzy Navel.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As if I need another distraction, the oldest got Guitar Hero III for his birthday. I've been playing and I've gotten as far as battling Slash on medium. It's hard, but I'll take him out sooner or later. Last night, I went to bed and when I closed my eyes, all I could see were the colored notes. I asked the oldest if he'd beaten the first boss on medium, and he said, "I haven't even gotten past the first song on medium." It's in my competitive nature to pass him. Plus, it totally feeds my inner rockstar. But, yeah, big distraction!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I spent most of the time trying to get decent pictures instead of really enjoying the fireworks.

And what's up with this one? It reminds me of bubbles or music notes or, hmmm...

Monday, June 30, 2008


The temperatures were oddly mild while we were in west Texas. I think it was 114 sometime last week, and it was barely in the 70s Saturday and Sunday. Rained on us on the way, while we were there, and on the way home.

These are from when we went to the Sandhills. The town's "entertainment". Yeah, I like sitting on dunes eating dirt. But it was neat watching the storm roll in.

Entrance to the sandhills.

The oldest.

Youngest climbing the dunes.

Not sure why, but this is one of my favorites. I like the windmill in the distance.

We stuck around trying to catch pictures of the lightning until we finally decided it would probably be best to leave. Once inside the car, it let loose. Big, fat drops that came hard and fast.


I'm glad to be back home after visiting the m-i-l in west Texas.

It started sprinkling on the way there, and I caught this rainbow. The barely-there rainbow. If you look closely enough, maybe you can make it out.

The sun trying to peek through the clouds.

One of the kittens that she had at her house. This one looks just like our Storm.

Here's the reading material I took with me. Never sure what will interest me if I happen to finish something.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And even hotter

I'm about halfway through the latest book by Jill Shalvis. I'll finish soon (like later this afternoon), but just wanted to say how much I love it, and look forward to the other firefighters she has in store.

I sent this picture of my cat, Dee, with the book to Jill.

I was reading some of it this morning while the youngest was in his 'shocking science' class where they learned all about electricity. They made their own flashlight, and shocked each other which resulted in lots of laughs and screams. I'm glad he had a good time. Between that class, and Zach and Brooke (from the book), there was plenty of electricity in the air.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Temperatures are heating up. The only thing worth doing outdoors is relaxing in a pool. And we've been doing plenty of that.

Youngest finished his swim lessons today. Passed Level 3 - Stroke Development. Yay!

Treading water.

It's the goggle monster from the blue lagoon.

One of my favorites.

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin



Saturday, June 21, 2008



So, I'd bought this CD a while back. Youngest likes to listen to it, or rather, make fun of it simply because it's mine. Maybe a little of both. He asked to see the lyrics yesterday while we were in the drive thru at McDonalds and proceeded to tell me that he (the singer) was, shall we say, 'not good looking'. I said, "He's adorable. What are you talking about?"

Youngest in his sarcastic tone: "Gee, thanks."

He gets all bent out of shape just because I say someone besides him his adorable.

"So, you're gonna run away with him?"

Uh, where does he come up with these things?

"All I said was he's adorable."

"He looks old."

"He's not old. He's younger than I am."

"How old is he, a hundred?"

"Why does he have to be a hundred for him to be younger than me?"

*laughter from the back seat*

Gee, thanks, backatcha.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ah, summer!

The youngest relaxing at a pool party yesterday!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's getting to be that time...

Four more days 'til school is out for the summer. These two boys are definitely ready. I know I am, too.

Water balloons & rare sightings of the oldest.



And to start off the soon-to-be summer, we saw the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday. I just love Harrison Ford; how is character is always so vulnerable (in just about any movie he's been in) but his determination, inner strength and wit always keep him one step ahead. And that little crooked smile... Yeah, he's still good. The interaction with "Mutt" was probably my favorite in this movie.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Some of us aren't doing much of anything for the long weekend. What about you?