Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

The puppies (the type of dog I've always wanted for real)came with a ring and necklace. And so much for trying to eat healthier. Some of the chocolates were my breakfast. Mmmmm!

My flowers! Aren't they pretty? Smell good, too.

My boys liked their Valentines. For the youngest, I got him a Junie B. Jones book, The Mushy Gushy Valentine. We love those books. He also got a stuffed red bear holding a heart-shaped plastic thing of M&Ms. He got teary eyed over the paper 'love' hearts (see the Feb. 7 post on these).

For the oldest, I got him the latest CD from Bullet For My Valentine, and a heart-shaped container of Skittles (his favorite candy). He seemed to like reading the paper hearts, too.

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