Thursday, March 27, 2008


I just finished reading my 9th book for the year so far. I was doing pretty good finishing one a week, but got a little off track. And to manage my TBR pile, I decided that I wouldn't buy a new one until I'd read two from the pile. This last week I cheated and bought two before I finished the one I was reading. There's several titles coming up in the next few months that I really want, so I need to practice some self control and wait on those. They'll be worth the wait.

And if you've seen my TBR list on here, you know that there aren't many letters not used, so I was considering doing a little A-Z type thing (start with an A title, then go to the bottom of the pile, then back to the top). I thought that'd be a fun way to weed them out. But, I still have this one winter book I want to read. Decisions, decisions...

I haven't posted much on here about my sweating with Sven. My pathetic posts have been over at the Seventy Days of Sweat site itself. I'm ashamed to even show up half the time, what with my barely there progress, but I still do it. I figure I'll get it together soon. I do have some poetry, and two short stories floating around right now, so I suppose that's good.

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