Saturday, June 21, 2008



So, I'd bought this CD a while back. Youngest likes to listen to it, or rather, make fun of it simply because it's mine. Maybe a little of both. He asked to see the lyrics yesterday while we were in the drive thru at McDonalds and proceeded to tell me that he (the singer) was, shall we say, 'not good looking'. I said, "He's adorable. What are you talking about?"

Youngest in his sarcastic tone: "Gee, thanks."

He gets all bent out of shape just because I say someone besides him his adorable.

"So, you're gonna run away with him?"

Uh, where does he come up with these things?

"All I said was he's adorable."

"He looks old."

"He's not old. He's younger than I am."

"How old is he, a hundred?"

"Why does he have to be a hundred for him to be younger than me?"

*laughter from the back seat*

Gee, thanks, backatcha.

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