Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kiss Me

Some pics from the Rockin' the Park concert I went to at Pizza Hut Park yesterday.  The event included Kiss, Daughtry, Pat Green, Drowning Pool, The Envy and The Academy Is.  By the time I got there, I caught Pat Green, Daughtry and Kiss.  Which was just as well.  It was so freaking hot until the sun went down a little bit later.  My feet were killing me when I got home, too.  I don't know how Kiss does it night after night; have continued to do it all these years.  I felt like I needed a foot soak and massage.

One of their trailers as I was walking toward the park.

Field area, which is where my ticket was for but it was too hot down there (did I already mention it was hot?!), so I went back upstairs where I stayed the rest of the time.

Pat Green.

Daughtry - they sounded really good.  His drummer was awesome!

Kiss! This was my first time seeing them.  So cool!  I got hundreds of pics, but will try to narrow it to just a few of my favorites.


Eric Singer on drums (from the jumbotron, since it was hard to see him where I was)

Eric Singer sings Beth.

Tommy Thayer's guitar solo.

Paul flying out over crowd to smaller stage to sing I Was Made For Loving You.

See if you can find Gene in all that confetti.

Fireworks after the show!

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