Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just now getting around to posting this, but last Saturday, I met Ian Somerhalder ("Damon Salvatore") and Candice Accola ("Caroline Forbes") of The Vampire Diaries at Hot Topic in Frisco.  There was probably over 500 people there and I was within the first 250.  Waited in line about an hour and a half. 

Ian and Candice signed posters and then did a Q&A downstairs.  When Ian signed my poster, he said, "Look at that, she's holding his hand.  Damon just can't get any love."  He was referring to Elena and Stefan holding hands in the poster.  I just laughed because I didn't know what to say!  His eyes are even prettier in person.  Candice just said, "Hi" and "How are you?"  They both seemed like really nice people.

Before the Q&A, Sounds Under Radio, as heard on The Vampire Diaries soundtrack (released yesterday!), played a few of their songs.  Got to meet them and have my picture taken with them afterward, which was cool.

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