Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 23

Prompt:  Write a quit doing what you're doing poem.  This could be about something you need to quit doing or that someone or something else should quit doing.

"Get Out of My Head"

I left the door wide open without much
thought as to what I was getting into.
You blew in and knocked the hinges right off
my heart.  A whirlwind of emotion stirred,
drenching me in an unconscious pool of
mindless games, and wounds that flow deep within.

I wish you'd get out of my head.

Clouds formed, and there was never a reason
for us to continue on this damned path
of hopeless wonder and abandonment.
It's hard to fathom what we were thinking.
Shadows crawl out of hearts filled with deceit
and leave an ominous black mark that winds
itself around your soul.  Seek shelter from
the storm brewing.  The storm in me and you.

I wish you'd get out of my head.

Alone, a quiet stillness claims the dark,
shatters the fog that once surrounded me
and the tight grip that held my heart captive.
I open my eyes to the light and see
a new day, a new tomorrow, a breath
away from you.  I shut the door and say...

I wish you'd get out of my head.

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