Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mia and PAD Challenge Day 18 & 19

Getting my Mia on Monday picture up a little late.

But all caught up with my days now.

I just finished Day 18 and 19.  The prompt for Day 18 was:  Take the phrase "Like (blank)," replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title to your poem, and write your poem.  My first attempt was titled Like a Bat out of Hell.  I liked the idea of it (crazy drivers), but it's one of those 'notebook' poems.  Ya know, the ones that stay in a notebook. 

I liked my second attempt better.  Here it is:

Like Cobwebs

It's dark and dusty, holding old forgotten memories
fragmented by time.  Tucked away neatly at first
for easier retrieval, and then haphazardly as if
they're somehow less important.  And you go back
sometimes, stepping lightly so as not to stir any
pain that's clung to the deepest parts of you.  Even
as you tiptoe around all the pieces, things crumble
and fall into place.  A torn up dream, a water-stained
wish, a broken image...of you.  As you sift through the
remains, you might find something salvageable amongst
all the cobwebs your mind has weaved.

Day 19 prompt - Write a love poem, or an anti-love poem.


love at all
I'm a lovestruck fool
head over heels in love with you
topsy turvy, toes curling, butterflies in stomach.

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