Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 11, 12 (& 13 added)

Yesterday's prompt was to take the phrase "Maybe (blank);" replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem.  It was a crazy busy day (Mondays seems to be that way) and was late when I got about half of my idea written and then gave up submitting at poetic asides.

Here was the start of that idea for Day 11:

Maybe, Just Maybe

If I didn't spend so much time
waiting 'til the last minute
the last minute wouldn't
wrap its hands around my
neck and squeeze the

And that's it for yesterday.  A fine example of my procrastinating and half-finished pieces.

Today, Day 12, is the second "Two for Tuesday".  The choices were to write a form poem, or write an anti-form poem.

I went with a form poem, studying all the different ones.  So many I'd never even heard of, but it's fun and challenging.  My first ever attempt at an acrostic poem:


String bikinis at
Naked on the

Day 13 added.  I had ideas that didn't pan out, but I think I finally managed to convey an idea that was stirring (using the Blitz poem), so here's Day 13 which was to write a poem that remembers an old relationship.

Dreams Are Wishes

Dreams come true
Dreams fall short
Short life to live
Short time awake
Awake with want
Awake to plan
Plan for the future
Plan a business
Business stays afloat
Business venture ends
Ends a dream
Ends a season
Season of life
Season of drifting
Drifting into despair
Drifting into darkness
Darkness envelopes
Darkness traps
Traps you alone
Traps your soul
Soul torn apart
Soul seeking
Seeking companionship
Seeking a will
Will to you
Will to survive
Survive these times
Survive above water
Water runs through
Water covers your head
Head is confused
Head in too many places
Places of question
Places far away
Away from friends
Away from family
Family becomes distant
Family doesn't understand
Understand the ghosts
Understand the spinning
Spinning words
Spinning thoughts
Thoughts tumble
Thoughts out of control
Control is lost
Control only you
You can beat this
You can dream

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