Monday, April 04, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 2

I had several ideas for the 'postcard poem' and couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I submitted all three.  Here they are:

Spring In Texas

We've traveled rough terrain
to get where we are now.
Time slips through our fingertips.
We hold on
for another breath,
another moment,
riding out the storms.
Leaving clear, blue skies
and whispering winds
as a reminder.

The Storm

Woke up to a nasty rainstorm early this morning.
As if it were only a dream,
the skies are blue, but
the wind draws its long branches
around my quiet comfort
making the house
creak and pop

What Not To Wear

If you wear a skirt today,
hold onto it because
the wind is waiting
to whistle and howl
and send leaves clapping
against each other
in applause of the show.

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