Friday, April 29, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 29

One more day to go!  I'm glad I've stuck with this challenge, but have to admit today was tough.  Not sure what it was about this prompt (write an ode) that seemed to throw me off. 

I wrote 5 odes, but only really "felt" two of them.  Here's the two that I posted at Poetic Asides:

Ode to Priorities

Dirty dishes in the sink,
and my comfy bare feet.
Laundry piled high,
reaching for the sky.
The bill that's past due,
and most of all - you.
I'm too busy writing to care
and staying in this chair.

Ode to My Muse

Muse, you are a fickle character
a fair weather friend
showing up unexpectedly
but never unwelcome.

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