Tuesday, April 05, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 5

Today's prompt was to write a goofy poem or a serious poem (or both).  I went with goofy, and fretted over it all day long - cutting, adding, cutting again - until I finally submitted it.  I don't think I have another one in me today, not after such spectacular dreck.  There's some really great poets over there.  I just don't think I'm one of them.

Back Home Again

My new kite got stuck in a tree
While I tried to get it down
Ouch, I was stung by a bee

When I ran for the ice cream truck
My big feet tripped
Man, I have the worst luck

The bite of a dog did make me fuss
Kicking up rocks
Mad, I might've cussed

Back at home, I picked up my cat
She yawned and, without warning,
Gross, she yakked

I think I'll just turn in to bed
All kinds of things hurt
Sigh, including my head

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