Saturday, May 14, 2011


I finally finished Nikki Sixx's book this morning.  A friend asked the other day how the book was.  I could've gushed forever, but I think sad, honest, haunting and inspiring sums it up.

And I have a couple poems that I've been sitting on because I've been too busy, too tired, or both, to get to the blog and post them.

Tried to do a fibonacci with this one.  Not the best attempt I'm sure, but the moment stirred emotions and inspired words.  The picture is from two winters ago, same church, different time.

on the
hill, nestled
away from the road,
surrounded by old trees that stand
just as proud as they are crooked, how often have I

silently admired your simple beauty without
even stepping foot inside.  I
welcome the peace as
a black charred
top bares

to the sky.  Unfaltering faith pours through a fine mist
of rain.  Blue and red lights cut the
morning around the
tiny church

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